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Anonymous asked: will you consider aculy making the rpg anime thing or no it would be really awsome if you did

We had plans, with story all complete and everything, but it proved to be hard to make so far.

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Anonymous asked: why is it not real T_T why why you went through all that work and the lest you could do is make a fake four episdoeds i have been waiting for this since the day mad father came out so plases do it for the fandomes the fandomes just think of the fandomes and me cua i really want a mad father anime more then anything...well world peace but also a mad father anime and if you dont wanna think of the money you will make from it plz plz PLZZ PLZ PLZ ( to tired to type out the full word)

I’m terribly sorry, but it would require a lot of money (thousands of dollars) to produce such.
Which is why I made it into an April Fools to start with. I’m a fan who want to create animations, but I’m only capable of creating them that far.

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Anonymous asked: A single tear when I realized that it was an April's Fools. Well played, sir.

I’m sorry, and thank you.

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zappycat asked: was the video thingy you made just an april fools i i really want it to be real

I’m terribly sorry, but yes, it’s only an April Fool’s joke.

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever thought of uploading your fan videos to nico nico douga?

Youtube may be enough for me for now. To be honest, I’m not really good at handling multiple accounts. ; u ;

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toxiccupckae asked: So will the compiled memories be something you need to buy or will you post it on your youtube channel?

I’m terribly sorry, but it’s only an April Fool’s joke.

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Anonymous asked: I'm sure you get this stuff a lot, but I want to say you're one of my biggest inspirations for animation and art and one of favorite artists. You're freakin' amazing. ~Anon

Thank you!

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jintii asked: I read the description on your horror games youtube video, and I saw that you were planning to make a vol. 2? Or is that just an april fools day joke? Sorry if I'm bothering you, but I just wanted to make sure! ;//w//;

I’m terribly sorry, but as mentioned, it’s only an April Fool’s joke.

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